Vito P.

Uber | Solano County, CA

The one job that I can do that has absolute flexibility

I drive for Uber because it's the one job that I can do that has absolute flexibility of a schedule that I require. I have several other commitments to family members that can't drive or on occasion have problems driving, along with helping friends and associates with transportation requirements. On a personal note, I require a flexible schedule because I have asthma and arthritis. The asthma greatly limits the jobs that I can do, and the arthritis prevents other jobs that require constant standing or sitting. I need a job that I can sit or stand when I want to prevent pain. With driving for uber I can work when I want, stop when I want and also take care of my commitments. Any other job that works around a set schedule or doesn't allow me to work or rest as needed would ruin me or potentially increase my health problems.

Vito P.

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