Tricia K.

Uber, Lyft | San Diego, CA

The flexibility is the best

I moved to California 20 years ago with my young child, fleeing an abusive spouse. As a single mom I have had to work hard just to provide for us. I am proud to say I never took a penny from my now ex, nor a penny from anyone that I didn’t earn. I worked long hours, two jobs at a time for years. When my second job ended three years ago after the company was closed, I turned to Uber. I love driving, love helping people, and I can work around my hectic day job. I am a forensic accountant by day, which can be very stressful. Driving relaxes me and lets me see more of San Diego than I would see otherwise. The flexibility is the best. I work around my schedule, around my family’s schedule....and I can stay true to my code. I am a safe driver. The moment I start feeling tired, I am offline - done for the night! I can drive after work for a few hours or I can drive 8 hours on a Saturday. My choice. I don’t need another 9-5 type of job, I need a part-time job that helps me pay all of my bills and buy groceries too!

Tricia K.

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